Our mission is simply to inspire, encourage creativity,
originality and imagination one person at a time.



Two Sparrows Homestead is our heart & soul. People loved our design esthetic so much we felt we would create a lifestyle brand that fits our Suburban Farmhouse vibe. We create custom spaces in our Design In A Day concept, custom signs for home or special event, custom painted furniture or you can find cozy comfort in hand selected small batch specialty items from teas and crackers to handmade blankets.




So many times through out the day we get curious questions about how we came up with our store name. SJ stands for Sentimental Journies which was a past life for us. Vintage....well who doesn't love a vintage inspired life style. The 1923 is the most special. 1923 was the year our Grandmother was born. One of the women in our lives who gave us our appreciation for family, tradition, love of simple things and showed us hard work can make your dream come true.




The MAKE A Difference studio was started because we believe in giving back. The community was so welcoming to us our first year in business we wanted to do something that helps an organization right here in our home town. The MAKE A Difference Studio hosts a special workshop once a month where we get together, have some sips and nibbles, unwind & talk about our day then make a project together at our “Big Table”. We asked on our social media pages, email list and website if anyone had serving platters, plates, cups or mugs and silverware laying around they were no longer using so we could host each sip and nibble family style. All too often we forget to connect, relax and have fun. The workshops here in house create that vibe all the time. Craft, relax, decompress and make new friends. It’s win win. A portion of each seat reserved for these special workshops will be donated to a local charity (to be announced). We are still working out the details. We do know at the end of the year we will invite each participant to a party here in the shop to announce the amount of money raised throughout the year and to meet the charity in person to hear about what the money will be used for and how it helped.

We are still accepting donations for any serving items that you are no longer using. You can drop them of in the store any day except Monday as we are closed.


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